Should I hire an interior designer to help with a kitchen remodel?

You have finally decided it’s time for a kitchen remodel to get rid of your old cabinets, ugly countertops and outdated appliances. With the help of an interior designer, you can transform your kitchen to look like the luxury kitchens you see in new home models throughout South Florida.

Do I Need A Designer For A Kitchen Remodel?

While there are a lot of rooms in the house you can remodel yourself, a kitchen typically is not one of them. Kitchen remodels require more planning than other rooms due to electrical, plumbing and gas lines as well as the placement of fixtures and lighting.

When remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to consider having a CAD design done to create more work and storage areas. Your current kitchen may have unusable corner areas that a designer can transform into a walk-in pantry or adding functionality to a wasted space. By having an interior designer create drawings and 3D renderings of the kitchen you’ll get to see the final design layout before the actual remodeling work begins.

Kitchen Remodel Design Help

Kitchens are complex rooms to remodel. By working with an interior designer, you’ll be happier with the end design result. A kitchen design will save you a of stress, headaches and hassle.

Better Homes & Gardens (BH&G magazine) has a great article, Why Hire a Kitchen Designer, that explains why you should use a professional to design your new kitchen. It also offers great tips on how to pick the perfect designer for your home project.

Interior Designer For Kitchen Remodeling

Designing a kitchen with the help of a professional interior designer can result in a more functional kitchen. With my kitchen remodeling project ideas and experience paired with your visions, we can create a beautiful new kitchen for your South Florida home.

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