2021 Florida Interior Design Trends

After a year that had us spending more time at home, the new year gives us a chance to refresh and reinvent our living spaces. With travel off the table for many, now is the time to create a space that we truly love and enjoy. Because we are staying more, curating a cozy outdoor space should also be a priority this year.

South Florida Home Interior Design Ideas

The top trend for 2021 is functionality.

Rooms and furniture with multiple uses. Open floor plans for living, working and entertaining. Mixing storage and organization without sacrificing style. Sustainability is even more of a focus this year when it comes to materials and products having a low environmental impact.

As travel and socializing is minimized, bringing the outdoors remains a top style trend for Florida homes.  Natural and organic materials help strengthen our bond to the outdoors while the addition of a warm color palette adds to the cohesiveness of the space. Soft whites, reinvented pastels and lush earth tones add an eclectic yet cozy vibe to this year’s Eco-friendly, flex spaces.

Living Room Design Ideas

Multi-functional is the best description of the new, improved living room of 2021. These living spaces are doing double duty as offices, gyms and more. Creative storage and clutter-reducing, flexible options allow living rooms to fit a range of needs and solutions for today’s modern homeowner.

  • Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, wicker, cane and rattan
  • Statement sofas in bold designs and on trend, colorful fabrics
  • Functional, multipurpose furniture and hidden storage
  • Well-crafted accent arm chairs and houseplants round out the space

Dining Room Design Trends

Last year’s well-defined dining room suddenly became another multi-functional space. As our lives become more focused on our homes, the dining room has become a flex-space. From meals to remote meetings and virtual school days, 2021 dining rooms are a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and versatility.

  • Decor consists of sustainable, yet new and unique materials
  • Round or oval tables to embrace soft curves and create intimacy
  • Express individuality with mixed yet complementary styles
  • Bring nature indoors with organic textures, materials and plantlife

Bedroom Design Trends

Nature is still a key design and decor concept in the bedroom. Whether your style is luxurious or functional or somewhere in between, it’s easy to incorporate natural elements such as plants and organic materials. Maintaining an uncluttered, open interior gives the space a clean, Scandinavian feel.

  • Cozy, healthy environments created with plants in glass, ceramic or wicker pots
  • Sustainable wood furniture and wooden elements in their natural state
  • Eco-friendly linens sustainably sourced: flax, eucalyptus fibers and organic cotton
  • Unique accent wall design featuring trending colors, textures, patterns and materials

Luxurious Yet Functional 2021 Interior Design Trends in South Florida

For many Floridians, staying put and working from home became a reality, seemingly overnight. Some already had lush home offices while others repurposed an area somewhere within their home. Circumstances gave us a  serious push to maximize our home’s functionality while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. The flexible but well-designed living space remains the focus for this coming year.

You don’t have to work from home to incorporate form and function into your interior design style. Adding creative storage, multi-purpose furniture and clean lines are all part of the hot design trends for 2021. The year-round foliage of South Florida can help inspire you to bring the outdoors in, refreshing your home for the year to come.

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