What are trending 2020 interior design ideas in South Florida?

Whether its food, fashion or interior design, South Florida has a vibe all its own. Our year round sunshine and natural flora easily incorporates itself into interior design. This year’s warm hues, natural materials and organic designs are inspired by nature.

Popular Interior Design in Florida Homes

Some of last year’s interior design trends such as bringing nature indoors, minimalism and dark colors have a place in the new year. Sustainability makes the jump from trend to an essential approach in creating innovative and Eco-friendly interiors.

A key change for interior design in 2020 is individuality. Last year’s statement pieces are now one-of-kind, DIY pieces of furniture or artwork. Neutral colors get a warm up giving Florida homes a cozy yet luxurious feel. Creating spaces with sustainability in mind along with plenty of natural lighting, organic edges and rich color just touches on the exciting design trends for 2020.

Living Room Design Ideas

For 2020, living room decor is more personal, telling a story about the homeowner’s personality and preferences. Again, nature and sustainable materials come into play in design decision making.

  • Sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp, jute and wool
  • Reclaimed wood flooring and furniture
  • Geometric patterns for wall art or area rugs
  • Organic curves rather than harsh corners and edges

Dining Room Design Ideas

As we move into the new year, dining rooms are making a comeback. The reinvented dining room will serve not only as a place to share meals but will become a versatile space for quality time with others. Sustainable and green materials are king in this year’s dining room.

  • Soft, subtle pastels such as nudes, greens and roses
  • Furniture gets a geometric makeover
  • Minimalist style featuring Japanese influences
  • Longer tables and slimmer chairs to accommodate more guests

Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedrooms are the only room in a home that is private and intimate. Keeping the space open and uncluttered while reflecting the homeowners preferences is key in 2020. Going with Eco-friendly materials provides an environment that is healthy for both the homeowner and the environment.

  • Minimalism, focus on free space
  • Unique, handcrafted pieces for walls and display shelves
  • Natural bedding materials such as hemp, wool and organic cotton
  • Sustainable wood furniture and flooring

Luxury Interior Design Trends in South Florida

Interior design trends may change with every passing year but the hallmarks of Florida living will always be in style. Natural lighting, a neutral color palette, geometric patterns and organic elements tie your interior to the beautiful and inspirational environment that South Florida is known for. This year, refresh your home interior with sustainable materials and Florida-inspired design elements.

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