Summertime 2021 Interior Design Tips For Fort Lauderdale Fashion Magazine

One of the top interior designers near Boca Raton, Brooke Friedman-Meltzer, was invited to bring her expertise to FLL Fashion Week magazine. As a guest writer for the premier fashion publication, she was asked to give this summer’s interior design trends for South Florida homeowners. Get your summer decor inspiration now.

What’s Happening in Home Decor This Summer?

According to Brooke, the season’s interior design trends focus on natural elements and nature-inspired colors and materials. This summer, let the daylight shine into your living space. Longer days mean plenty of sunshine to cascade into your rooms. Choose paint and decor colors based on plantlife, landscapes, sandy beaches and ocean waters. There’s enough warm colors in natura to fulfill everyone’s style preferences.

Sustainable Natural Wood Elements

More-so now than ever, we need to concern ourselves with the state of our environment. Opting for eco-friendly wood products or repurposing old flooring and furniture is better for the earth. This summer, the trend is leaning towards the lighter, renewable woods such as bamboo, rattan and cork.

Summer Style Year-Round

Decorating your home for summer doesn’t mean it needs to be changed as soon as fall arrives. Using Brooke J’s summer design trends will allow you to keep your light and breezy decor all year round. Pop over to FLL Fashion Week to find the full article before you get started on changing your home to embrace summer and its inspiration that will guide your design choices. Don’t forget to throw open those window coverings and let the sunshine illuminate your living space this season!

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