How Can I Find My Florida Interior Design Style?

Most people know what they like as far as furniture pieces and colors but struggle to put a name to their preferred design style. With some interior design styles having only subtle differences, pulling together even just a room can pose a challenge to some. Doing a little homework on the internet can help you put a label on your own style, making it easier to decorate your space perfectly.

Popular Interior Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Mediterranean, boho, rustic, art deco. The list is quite possibly endless when discussing interior design styles. It can be nearly impossible for some to define their own personal style. To help get you get familiar with interior design, here are some of 2020’s top design styles summarized:


Refers to the early to mid 20th century time period. Notable elements are smooth lines, muted color palette and materials such as metal, glass and chrome are common. Sleek simplistic and minimal, no clutter, no knick knacks.


Gained momentum following WWII. It’s set apart by vivid colors, crisp lines and open, shared spaces. Materials pay homage to nature and the outdoors.


Inspired by traditional Japanese design and Minimalist art of the 60s and 70s. It takes modern design one step further with an increased functionality of the space, bold visual impact and ultra-sleek lines.


Encompasses simplicity, functionality and efficiency with an emphasis on affordability. Organic materials and textures impart a coziness even in sparse layouts.


Draws inspiration from warehouse lofts and machinery’s moving parts. Boasts a darker palette and feels vintage with a masculine overtone. Exposed or unfinished building structure such as ducts, pipes and beams, becomes part of the style.


While similar to Modern, is by definition, current and is ever-evolving. It borrows from various time periods while remaining fluid and creating warm, cozy spaces due to a gentler composition of elements, colors and lines.


Borrows both industrial and bohemian components and brings the gritty urban vibe indoors. Artistic decor, open spaces and pops of color add a feminine elegance to this design style.

Classic or Traditional

Rooted in classic European decor, it turns the old new again with claw-footed tables, wing-back chairs and ornately detailed fabrics and furniture. Boasts dark, finished wood, rich colors and layered patterns and textures.

Identify Your Unique & Personal Interior Style Preference

First, take a good look around at what you already own and identify elements that you truly love and what you can pass on. Set aside your favorites such as a throw, artwork or decor and figure out what they have in common. Don’t forget to assess all of the built-in elements of your house like flooring, cabinetry and fixtures. Make a list of what you feel works in your space and what needs to go.

If you need some inspiration, pay attention to what you find appealing when paging through an interior design magazine or what catches your eye at home improvement warehouses or home decor stores.

Find Your Own Interior Design Style

We all have that one friend whose home always looks like it belongs in a magazine. Finding your own style doesn’t have to be a daunting task with so much available online. A quick Google search will give you endless images of a variety of interior design styles.

Whether you are looking to furnish just one room and redecorate your entire home, help is just a click away. Sites like Pinterest allow you to save boards full of your favorite styles, similar to how we used to clip ideas from magazines. Get a better idea of what your interior design preference is when you take a quiz created by Houzz or Better Homes & Gardens.

Home Interiors Designed Just For You

You could combine multiple design styles to create a mix of your favorites but without setting parameters, your house can end up looking like a messy hodgepodge of furniture and decor. That’s why learning about the different elements that make up each interior design style and honing your own style is crucial to creating a beautiful, cohesive living space.

It is completely normal for your tastes to change over time and it takes a while to truly cultivate your interior design style. Brooke J Design can speed up that process and help you identify your preferred design style to create the living space of your dreams.

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